Maynard Dam

Last updated: 1/14/2013
River/Stream: Little Volga River
Location: Maynard, Fayette County
        Latitude: 42.7808064
        Longitude: -91.8825
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.
Built: 1916
Owner: City of Maynard
Height: 5 ft.
Length: 40 ft.
Hazards: the dam is concrete low head dam in reasonable condition.  Major hazard is visibility of dam as a paddler approaches.
Warning Signs: none
Portage options: river banks are either side of the dam are gentle but overgrown with vegetation. Left river bank is private property so portage is suggested on right river bank which is part of the Maynard city park. Bank is not steep but care should be taken when leaving the river. Good area on right bank below dam for entrance back to the water.
Comments: this dam is typical Iowa low head dam and should be portaged to avoid danger to paddlers.
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Photos by Dave Hillman
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