St. Ansgar Mill Dam

Last updated: 1/28/2013
River/Stream: Cedar River

Location: St. Ansgar, Mitchell County
        Latitude: 43.3716750885616
        Longitude: -92.9362713307422
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.
Built: 1916
Owner: Sherwin Klienwart

Height: 7.5 ft.
Length: 220 ft.

Hazards: usage, visbility, portage
Warning Signs: none
Portage options: dam can be portaged on left river bank above dam in several locations. Dirt boat ramp available and dirt ramp leading down to below dam can be used if there is high water (150 yard walk).  Right river bank is very steep with poor portage options.
Documented Fatalities: 1
Comments: Click here to view a historical information and a few images of the mill dam.
Upstream there is an old power dam, just above Highway 105 west of St. Ansgar, that can be run through a breach on the right side.
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Photos by Dave Hillman