Story City Dam

Last updated: 8/5/2011
River/Stream: South Skunk River

Location: Story City, Story County

Owner: City of Story City

Height: 4 ft.
Length: 100 ft.

Warning Signs: portage marked
Portage: water trail portage on river right
Comments: This dam is the site of the first low head dam modifications in the state. Work to convert the dam into a rock rapids was completed in 2007 (image top). The effort greatly reduced the deadly hydraulic that often formed at the previous low head dam (image center). After modification and at higher water levels the rapids become a feature suitable for enjoyment by whitewater kayakers.  Unfortunately the area has deteriorated due to underestimated forces that displaced undersized arched rock rapids structures (image bottom.)
Use all caution when considering recreation at this area.
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View of Story City Dam before conversion to rock rapids
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View of deteriorated features at low flow (July 30, 2011)