Waverly Dam

Last updated: 7/8/2016
River/Stream: Cedar River

Location: Waverly, Bremer County
        Latitude: 42.7265129659241
        Longitude: -92.4708376317252
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Built: 1872, reconstructed 2011
Owner:  City of Waverly

Height: 11 ft.
Length: 310 ft.

Hazards: height
Warning Signs:
Portage options:
Comments: obvious impoundment. $4.2 million project began in 2010 to replace existing fixed low head dam dam with an inflatable rubber bladder dam. The new dam will be lowerable during periods of flooding.
Fatalities: 2
Longuir Incident Report:
"A boy on an inner tube went over the dam and was held by the "boil". Some skiers above the damn tried to assist by attempting to lower a man over the dam on a ski rope. The motor faltered allowing the boat to be swept over the dam. The boy was hauled up the buttress. The drowning victim was found near the life jacket floating in the bottom center of the picture. His rope had become wound around a large rock by the current."
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Photo of dam prior to 2010-11 reconstruction
Photo above during reconstruction on 7/30/2011
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