Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Iowa Whitewater Coalition (IWC) protects, supports and improves whitewater areas and water trails by reconnecting the rivers throughout Iowa.

Vision Statement

IWC envisions a future in which all Iowa waters flow clear and clean through wild valleys grown over in woods, marshes, and prairies. All river structures will be well-designed for safety, biological integrity, and exhilarating recreation.

Values Statement

IWC members believe that all river users should be able to safely enjoy the adventure, scenery, and solitude available on Iowa’s rivers in both rural and urban settings. Rivers should be regarded as waterways that are not divided by dangerous dams. Continuous habitats along river corridors are critical for both humans and wildlife. IWC promotes the highest water quality possible. We favor workable, practical solutions that do not always require dam removal. We will strive to reconnect Iowa’s rivers for safety, for aquatic species, for riverbank wildlife habitat, and for high-quality recreation experiences.