Clean Rivers Team Stewardship Program

The Iowa Whitewater Coalition (IWC) established a fund for providing limited grants in support of river clean-ups throughout Iowa. This fund, referred to as the Clean Rivers Team Stewardship Program (CRTSP), will exist as long funding resources are available.

The CRTSP funds are managed by IWC and any disbursements must conform to laws governing the 501(c)3 status of the organization.

Any community group or organization in Iowa is welcome to apply for a grant from the CRTSP for the purpose of paying expenses related to river clean-up activities. IWC encourages disposal of river trash in an environmentally ethical manner (recycling instead of landfilling). Grants are limited to a maximum of $500. A Letter of Application may be submitted at any time. The organization should allow up to 90 days for proper evaluation by the IWC Board of Directors.

Funds cannot be used for salaries or related compensation. Generally funds are to be used for supplies and services necessary to execute a river clean-up. All expenditures covered by an approved grant must be fully documented, with copies of such documentation presented to the IWC prior to the disbursement of funds.

The grant itself does not imply any liability on behalf of IWC, and a submitting organization must agree to the execution of a hold harmless agreement with IWC.

All IWC CRTSP funding, grant stipulations and disbursement guidelines are enacted solely at the discretion of the IWC Board of Directors. The IWC retains the right to make any alterations to the guidelines as they see fit to best provide resources to organizations throughout the State of Iowa.

Additional information and application documents

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