Manchester Whitewater Park

This is an over 800-foot-long whitewater course in downtown Manchester that includes six 18" in stream drop features, increased fish habitat, improved bank restoration, terracing, and river access.

River/Stream: Maquoketa River

Location: Manchester, Delaware County
        Latitude: 42.482137
        Longitude: -91.458424
        Click here to view an aerial map of the former dam.

Whitewater park grand opening in June, 2015

Whitewater park description on City of Manchester's website

Manchester Whitewater on American Whitewater

First drop feature

Looking upstream from feature 3

Looking downstream at features 4, 5 and 6

Dams Built: First constructed in 1860. Removal of deteriorating, 110 year old dam began September, 2014.

Owner: multiple owners over time

Height: 16 ft.

Length: 154 ft.

Hazards: usage, visibility, portage

Fatalities (at old dam) 1

  • July 18, 1968, Bill Tibbott, seining for fish

View of old dam from below on river left

Feature 4 -- site of removed dam with its silhouette visible on the far shore

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