Improve Your Kayak Roll

Who needs water: working on your kayak roll

Don't have year-round water access, want to work on your roll but don't like being upside down underwater, or like to mess about with kayaks working on technique even without water? This might be the DVD for you. Focusing on developing and practicing good techniques, Piper Wall covers C-to-C, sweep, back deck, and hand rolling, all in such dry places as the back yard, the living room floor, and the futon mattress on the back porch. She touches on hull design considerations, emphasizes joint safety, and shows the same motions in dry and wet rolling.

This low key, practical video can help you work on your roll in convenient, dry, easy breathing environments.

Profits go to Iowa Whitewater Coalition, a non-profit affiliate of American Whitewater, advocating for safe paddle sports and waterway activities in Iowa. The IWC is highly engaged in low head dam safety education and interventions (signage, portage trails, and conversions to rapids); water trails creation, recognition, and clean-ups; and skill building opportunities for kayak and canoe paddlers.