Joe Reasoner Dam

Last updated: 11/23/2011
River/Stream: Des Moines River, West Fork
Location: Humboldt, Humboldt County
        Latitude: 42.7267146817601
        Longitude: -94.2297304739901
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.
Built: 1912
Owner: Humboldt County Conservation Board
Height: 15 ft.
Length: 300 ft.
Hazards: drowning, height
Warning Signs:
Comments: obvious impoundment
Portage: There is a boat ramp just above the dam.  Portage for about a half mile along the Cottonwood Trail and put in below the rock dam across from the power plant.  This dam will tear the bottom out of your boat. -- Gerry Rowland
Fatalitites: 1
        May 6, 2006 - angler Michael Milligan
Incident Report:
Officials said 50-year-old Michael Mulligan of Humboldt may have fallen in the water at the Harry Reasoner Dam on the West Fork of the Des Moines River and drowned.  He was reported missing Saturday morning after he was last seen fishing near the dam.
Someone called 9-1-1 after finding his fishing tackle and vehicle near the dam. Crews spent much of Saturday and Sunday searching for Mulligan, including dive teams from Story and Polk counties.
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Photos courtesy of Dave Hillman (at a very low flow level)