Urban gems
The river corridors in Polk County are a popular outdoors recreation destination. Everyone views them differently. For some, they are a bike path. For others, the river is a place to fish. For others, the river corridors are a place to view wildlife and hike or mountain bike on unpaved trails in a wild setting. Others like to row a scull or dip a paddle. The metropolitan area is fortunate in that most of the river banks are in public ownership, with large tracts of river-bottom greenbelt. Iowa Whitewater Coalition and its partners advocate "polishing the jewel" to ensure recognition of the Des Moines and Raccoon river corridors as a recreational destination, and to create a world-class whitewater course in downtown Des Moines.
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Re-greening blighted areas
Plantings of native trees, shrubs, and grasses will have numerous positive effects:
Creating Top-notch Water Trails
Creating highly accessible water trails will promote river recreation.
Retrofitting low-head dams into rapids
Iowa Whitewater Coalition proposes that Iowa begin the movement to literally reconnect rivers - right here in Polk County.
Last updated: 2/19/2005
Reconnecting the Rivers

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