Last updated: 1/1/2013
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River/Stream: Des Moines River
Location: just below confluence of Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers in Des Moines, Polk County
        Latitude: 41.5795094420321
        Longitude: -93.6116664166976
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.
Built: 1938
Owner: City of Des Moines
Height: 5 ft.
Length: 440ft.
Hazards: drowning, urban, portage, varying, visibility
Warning Signs: dam warning signs on every arch - both Scott Ave. and River Street pedestrian bridges.  Also, every arch of the River Street pedestrian bridge has rescue lines down to the river attached to orange buoys. Additional signs warn bridge pedestrians of dam danger.
Comments: the dam is not visible in aerial photographs (e.g. Google maps) because it is obscured by the bridge.
Paddle craft not allowed in the area between the Center St and Scott St dams.
Portage Options:
Documented Fatalitites: 3
Close Calls:
Scott Street Dam
Previous Dam on Raccoon River
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